Winding down!

Well we are starting to wind down our Colorado adventure. The last couple of days have been Fantastic. We started thursday with the Ukena boys and I taking a 3.4 mile hike into the mountains above Breckenridge. During the afternoon we all wanted to go on a road trip. We left Breckenridge at about 3:30 in route to Leadville. Highway 24 between Vail and Leadville was a gorgeous drive. We did encounter some rain, hail, and lightning on this path but it was still amazing! Once in Leadville we drove around a bit and checked out all the history. We then continued South to Buena Vista. We quickly realized that this town is a non tourist booming little town in the middle of Colorado. We ate dinner at Eddyline brewpub. The food and beer were great. The rain had stopped and the weather was a perfect 64 degrees. While perusing around Buena Vista, I realized why I missed the mountains. I love what the Mountains do to your senses! The smell of the pine, the sounds of the river, and the brightness of the sun in the mountains. We left Buena Vista at around 9:30 which meant a very slow, dark, curvy drive back to Breckenridge.

This morning the two oldest Ukena boys and I went fishing. I had forgotten how cool a rainbow trout looks. I was getting some strange looks from the locals when I showed up with my Falcon rod and Pfleuger baitcaster. This combo worked great for 1/8 oz. jigging spoon!







3 thoughts on “Winding down!

  1. We lived in Colorado in the 1980’s and miss it a lot. Anywhere in the mountains of Colorado is nice… Lots of things to see and do. When living in Aurora, we would head to the mountains every chance we got… especially when it got a bit warm in the summer…
    Great post and pictures, it reminds me of our time there…. Thanks for the memories…

    1. Rambler, my family vacationed outside of Salida practically every year growing up. While we headed south on Highway 24 the memories started flooding back. My conclusion is that I love the mountains of Colorado! I plan on going back as often as possible. Our family had a great time in the mountains and we all agreed that this has been our best vacation yet.

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