I just wanted to drop my readers a note of apology. I haven’t been posting much lately because I haven’t been swinging the Garrett too much. I have been busy getting some honey do’s marked off the list. I wanted to get out Saturday morning but didn’t make it.. I did manage to get out for about 30 minutes on Saturday evening and hit a totlot with the boys and my younger siblings. We managed to find $1.33 and a junk jewelry piece. They all wanted to swing the Garrett and again I will say that I love the simplicity of the machine. They turned it on and went to town! I wanted to get out this evening but my plans were altered by my Mculloch weedeater. It wouldn’t start last weekend and while attempting to troubleshoot it the starter rope broke. I don’t know how many of you have tried to change one of these ropes but it ended up being a three hour job. It still wouldn’t start. The thing that really irritates me is that it is only a couple years old. I payed $69 for it at the time. The reason I picked this model isn’t because it was inexpensive. The only reason I bought it is that it supposedly has the same motor as my trusted Ryobi that I had bought for the same price 12 years ago. The Ryobi gave me 10 years without a hiccup. I can promise you it isn’t the same machine.. Too bad Ryobi doesn’t produce weedeaters anymore. This task was only enjoyable because my 20 month old son sat beside me the whole time mistaking the weedeater for my Garrett. He kept saying “tector broke”. I’m guessing the confusion is due to them both being yellow and similarly shaped. He is a riot! Anyways I hope that this week will produce some more hunting time along with some nicer finds!!!!


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