Do you have the Jewels?

Well I’m back on the kick to find gold jewelry. The last three mornings I have put in about 6 hours at the local parks searching. Finding gold is tricky because it rings up the detector in so many different segments. Pull tabs, foil, gum wrappers, and beaver tails abound while on the hunt for gold. I know the goods are there though! I have learned that hunting gold takes a tremendous amount of patience. You must also be able to handle disappointing hunts where you haul a lot of trash. The Lord must have a sense of humor when considering gold and metal detecting.

Happy hunting and good luck!


One thought on “Do you have the Jewels?

  1. Think of it this way, if there is gold out there, you’re the only one consistently looking for it so you will be the one to find it. I am revisiting all my old hunted-out spots with the Deus. As soon as I am done doing that, I will be back gold hunting.

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