Secret spots, surprises, and rocketry

Well I went on a very spontaneous hunt last night with forum member JKP. He called me from a top secret location where he has found several rings and over $30 worth of clad. While we were hunting we enjoyed talking about the history of the property and about his finds there. I managed to find $.71 in clad and a neat Rose Hill Rockets necklace and an EZ-GO key. During the hunt he also asked me if I had purchased a Sampson shovel yet. My response was a simple no. He then showed me his latest creation and I was amazed. He has fashioned a shovel that matches the Sampson to a tee. I will include a photo of it. It works well and I hope to keep it forever as I know it will not bend, crack, or break as well as makes a nice self defense tool.. Hopefully I can keep from leaving it in a public park for someone else to enjoy! Sorry Miner, I had to throw it in there!

On the downside the Whites pinpointer is really starting to act up. I am very excited to get the Garrett Propointer. I have used the Garretts from time to time and they seem to be a much better piece!

Last but not least we were finally blessed with some rain last night! It has been at least a month and a half without the slightest moisture!

Happy Hunting!




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