My favorite type of hunt?

Yesterday afternoon I had a long conversation with my cousin who is in limbo about entering the hobby of metal detecting. Our conversation got me to thinking. What is my favorite type of hunt?

The answers would soon show themselves. Over my lunch break I hunted at Hyde park. I was using my favorite discrimination program on the Ace 250. I have been notching out Iron and anything over a quarter. I dug 30-40 trash mid tones and one high tone which was a memorial penny. With this park being one of the oldest parks in Wichita it is full of iron and trash. I struggle with finding good targets and get frustrated.

Tonight I hunted the sports fields close to home. These fields were built in the mid 80’s- early 90’s. I quickly realized that these are my favorite areas to hunt. The ratio of trash targets to good targets is much better than a 120 year old park. In this sports field I have found silver rings, tons of clad, and my oldest US coin. Their isn’t trash everywhere and I suspect that it holds a gold ring or two. I also think that these types of hunts are great for beginners. It’s tougher than the totlots without being totally stressful! It becomes obvious by my finds that I am on a gold kick. I can hardly pass up a solid mid tone!

Don’t get me wrong, I dream of finding many old silver coins in one hunt. However, these hunts are a challenge to come by. Alot of research and being granted permission isn’t as easy as it sounds.

In summary I want to say that you can make metal detecting as stressful or as relaxing as you want. Two things have happened lately that have made my hunts more relaxed. They are the Garrett propointer which seems to be much better than the Whites, the Sampson clone shovel, and my Lesche digger from WW Mfg. I am thrilled to have these tools in my toolbox… Next I may add a headlamp so I can hunt later into the night!

Happy Hunting!




2 thoughts on “My favorite type of hunt?

  1. Thats really cool. What is the best digger for cheap. Im looking at the teche or gator but $$$. Any recomndations? Thanks cook11223

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