Scouting out some silver

This morning I got out for a few hours. I met up with several guys from the FMDF. Our group included PulltabMiner, Redd, Patton, YoungPatriot, and myself. The park we hunted in Andover Ks was previously a girl scout camp (1953-1998). The park consists of 80 acres. The hunt started out kind of slow in one part of the park. The only neat find was when Pulltab found an old button in the woods. Everyone moved to a different part of the park. Then we got rolling! Redd pulled a 1964 Rosie, and I pulled a 1948 wheat cent. We lost everyone except Patton and I about 10:00. I quickly spotted a spot that hadn’t been hit yet. Patton and I quickly made our way to it. The first target i dig in this new spot produced my 1950 S Rosie. I then dug a target that is kind of a mystery to me. Rang up like silver but it’s not silver. Ideas? We ended the hunt at about 11 and I think everyone had a good time!







2 thoughts on “Scouting out some silver

  1. Looks like a brass ring. I think the mystery is that it is round (with nothing in the center) and metal. I’ve had all different kinds of metal that were round (like a donut) ring up in the silver range.

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