Sunday hunts get blessed

Well this afternoon was quite exciting for me. I hunted two different times and had great experiences.

Hunt #1-
I returned to an older school yard that PulltabMiner and I had hunted several months ago. During that hunt Miner found several wheat cents. This morning I realized that the last time I hunted it was before the DD Proformance coil was installed on the Ace 250. I had the two youngest Ukena boys with me so I knew it would be a fairly short hunt. I started hitting zinc pennies quickly. The little Ace seems to love the zinc range! Then I hit a solid dime signal at 4-6″. I told Karson (middle Ukena boy) that this could be silver. I dug a full shovels depth and he pinpointed around the bottom of the hole. Nothing… Not even a chirp out of the propointer. I then instructed him to check the plug. He moved all around it without a chirp still. I then cut the plug in half with the lesche and spotted a coin rim. Voila out pops a silver dime. We quickly rub it enough to see that it’s a merc! High fives all around and even Bryson who is the youngest Ukena boy at 22 months started babbling about mercury and silver dimes. Wish I would have done a live dig of it just for the entertainment value! Is it too early to guide him to yell “Boom Baby” whenever we find precious metals?

After dinner I decided to go door knocking. I stop by the oldest standing house in Rose Hill. Luckily the young couple are enjoying a cigarette on the front porch. They grant me permission to hunt the front yard. I start searching and I was slightly disappointed in my finds. I was only digging high tones so the yard didn’t look like gophers had invaded it. I managed $.85 in clad. Still can’t help but think there is silver on the property but not tonight!

I think that after eight months together the Ace and I are finally starting to understand each other. I have been thinking about upgrading but I’m still not certain what brand/model I would like to add to my collection. I have really only one complaint with the Ace and I think I am finally starting to overcome it. Low and slow with the DD coil makes target seperation much easier!







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