Good evening beautiful

Well tonight I went door knocking again. This time I wasn’t disappointed. I received permission at the first home I went to. It was about 8:45 when I got started. I have found that this is the perfect time to go metal detecting. All the Ukena boys are in bed and my lovely wife is preoccupied with our exchange student watching pretty little liars.
I quickly grabbed my tools and got to work. Found about 11 cents in a penny spill that was shallow. Then I moved to the side yard of the 85-100 year old home. First coin find on that side of the house was a 1947 nickel, 2nd find was a 1943 mercury dime. I also dug a 1940 nickel but the little girl that resides at the home asked if she could have it. I didn’t have the heart to say no. For those that have been following my blog since inception you know that I go through spells. Maybe with me finally being confident enough to ask permission at private properties my peaks and valleys will smooth out. 2 days 2 silvers makes papa happy! Ever since I laid eyes on my first Merc I have loved the way they look. I still have dream coins though.. Walking ones!





2 thoughts on “Good evening beautiful

  1. Congrats Steve! Merc are one of my fav coins. Was MDing today near LD Stadium. Guy pulls up and starts talking about when the Eaton Hotel was underging renovation. Well, at the tear out they found literally hundreds of Silver Coins! In one hole he pulled out 5 Standing Libertys! His friend? Two Twenty dollar Gold Pieces! Can you imagine hitting something like that? They were finally run off after a few to many showed up MDing. (:

    1. Patton, if we stay on top of the soil long enough we may just get to see a similar thing. I have always heard that it was common to find many many old coins in Delano during renovations. You being a “3” time salesperson of the year should be able to get us permission easily enough!!

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