All good things must end

Well tonight ended my 2 day silver streak. I went back to the private home that I dug merc #2 from. I dug 22 zincolns from 1962-current, 1 wheat cent from 1951, and 1 quarter from 198?. What bugs me worse than ending my silver streak is the fact that my headphones started giving me trouble mid hunt. They seem to skip in and out while swinging. What strikes me as odd is the fact that when the headphones cut out I hear a super faint noise out of the aces speaker. These headphones are only a couple months old and I will be quite disappointed if they are going bonkers already.. Easy to test. I’m hoping that if it is the phones that Bounty Hunters customer service is pleasant to deal with. Off to the lab we go for testing!

Edit: Couple bits of news.
The quarter I found is the oldest clad quarter I’ve dug. It’s a 1965. One year to young to make daddy happy.

The headphones just need a wire re-soldered. 4 months old.. I may have to invest in a nicer set of phones eventually!


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