In the heat of the morning!

This morning I met up with forum members Patton and PulltabMiner. We hunted the old school were I dug my mercury dime last sunday. We started at a little before 6:30. We hunted until about 9:00 and it was already getting warm. I managed to dig a 1964 Roosevelt dime and a 1954 wheat cent. We decided to hit two other locations but the finds weren’t spectacular. We dug a ton of clad from the mid 60’s. At the last site we all kept digging pennies from the early to mid 60’s… Did someone cherry pick all the silver?

Even though the finds weren’t mind blowing the time with friends was worth all the sweat. I’m glad we stopped when we did because the temperature climbed to well over 100 degrees today!



2 thoughts on “In the heat of the morning!

  1. Fun times Steve. But yeah, HOT!
    I believe Pattons brillant find of a Susan B Anthony dollar should also be mentioned. (: And… left out the Shovel story!

    1. Patton, I agree it is always fun hunting with you guys. The shovel thing is a mute topic. I just hope forgetting doesn’t become a frequent occurrence. I’m glad that me and the shovel got reunited without incident!

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