Relics from the Rose part deux

Well tonight was a mixed bag. I swung in a tree row while the oldest Ukena boy had soccer practice. I ended up digging three headstamps from shotgun shells. I’m not sure on the age of these but there is a guy on the forum who knows a great deal about them. One simply says Federal Cartridge and the other says Reliant Redhead. I will follow up if he has some exciting news. I then headed back to the private residence that I found some wheats the other day. It was dark so detecting became a little more challenging. I dug several memorials and then dug a 1960D Washington. The Washington is in amazing condition with no signs of wear. While digging and saw the rim at 6 inches I was hoping for a standing liberty. I continued to hunt and found two wheat pennies as well a 1944 and a 1952. I also learned of a new property to hunt this evening. All in all a good night!

Happy hunting and thanks for looking!







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