Rants, rejoice, L.E.O, and lerts

Well today I want to rant a little bit, rejoice a little, and talk about LEO and lerts!


On my morning commute I was leading a pack of three motorcyclists on the highway. It was 5:45 in the morning so traffic wasn’t extremely heavy. I noticed a sheriffs officer go by me in the opposite direction. No big deal right? Wrong! He broke up the pack of 3 and pulled me over. I quickly made my way off the highway, shut the bike off, and took off my helmet. I greeted him with a good morning sir. He simply said “license and proof of insurance” I obliged. As he took them I asked what the problem was. He said the infamous words “do you know how fast you were going?” my response was simple and honest. No sir I don’t. I then proceeded to tell him that speed isn’t my main priority as a motorcyclist and that my safety is #1. This got his attention and led to me explaining myself. It is really very simple. Tank mounted speedometers… My V-Star and many other bikes have tank mounted speedometers. Lets sum it up by saying that it’s a poor design and stupid idea. While assuming proper riding posture a rider has to take their eyes off the road and surroundings to see how fast they are traveling. I will be the first to admit that I rarely look at the speedometer. Please don’t think I’m making excuses, just being honest!

Now my big rant about this is the fact that LEO’s (law enforcement officers) crack down so hard on speeders. Is it unsafe to travel over the posted speed limit? Possibly, however after 45,000 miles of commuting on my bike I see so much stupidity on the road that is much more dangerous. What about people who are drunk, stoned, texting, shaving, reading a book, fiddling with their radios, turned around yelling at the kids, the list goes on and on. I feel that all of the above are much more dangerous than traveling over the posted speed limit. Many many times I see drivers unable to maintain their lane, not stop, not go, or just flat run off the road due to inattentive driving. The fine for texting while driving in KS is $60 which is ridiculously low! My fine for going over the speed limit will probably be more than double that. Bottom line_ crack down on dangerous drivers!

Now when I told Queen Ukena about this she was frustrated because our finances are tight right now. Why is it so tough to get ahead to the point where every little thing doesn’t mean rearranging our budget that is already tight? I don’t need Warren Buffets riches but I would like to have enough that a traffic infraction didn’t upset everything!


I am a Christian and I believe that when the Lord says it is my time to leave this earth better things will come. I’m looking forward to not having LEOS and finances looming over my head! I sure hope God has a nice supply of two wheelers and curvy roads. Without inattentive drivers and speed limits…

Lastly but not least. Always remember lerts live longer so be Alert!

Sorry for the long post but I had to let my opinions be known.


2 thoughts on “Rants, rejoice, L.E.O, and lerts

  1. LOL! When I get a speeding ticket, my rants are not this coherent.

    As for the tight finances, I hear you there man. The answer of course is to forget about those little silly silver coins and concentrate on finding gold!
    I am on the trail of a lost gold ring with a 2carat diamond on it. At least that’s what I was told. Owner of the ring is long gone so if I find it it will be all mine!

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