Why? It just doesn’t add up!

Well this morning I was hunting a home from the early 1900’s. Kolton and I had been detecting for about 20 minutes when I got a good deep signal. I dug a mason jar lid at about 10″ down. Then another. We ended up digging 8 mason jar lids. There were many broken mason jars around as well. We continued digging, detecting, an pinpointing until the area was clear. We ended up with a hole about 18″ deep without coins. Why would these jars be here? Did they have coins in them at one time? Who buried them, how long have they been there? Once we got our hole filled and leveled off we went on to find a wheat penny from 1940. Later in the day I went on to hunt another property. I dug many coins from the late 50’s- mid 60’s without silver.

Both of these circumstances were kind of frustrating. The properties should hold silver and neither was giving it up today.

I have gotten to know an older gentleman in town who is pretty intrigued by metal detecting. He tagged along with me this evening and we talked metal detecting, politics, and religion. He seems like a great guy who has many of the same views as myself!




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