Well today marks an acheivement in my metal detecting career. Today was my first multiple silver day.

Hunt #1-

With the sun shining and a perfect 74 degrees I decided to hunt over my lunch break. I went what I call “freestyling” this means I was hunting curb strips in the oldest part of Wichita. First target I dug was a 1962 Roosevelt dime. Second, a 1940 wheat penny. I then hunted for a bit and found some odds and ends. Two items were small and deep which makes me have faith in my machine yet again! One is an old hat pin and the other is an old button. On the way back to the truck I dug two more wheat pennies a 1944 and a 1940.

Hunt #2-

After dinner my oldest boy had soccer practice. I took this opportunity to go see my new buddy John. He is the older guy that has seemed quite interested in our hobby. His grandson had purchased a Bounty Hunter Tracker IV a few years ago and they were not impressed with it. He had told me that he got it from his grandson and may tinker with it. Knowing that John doesn’t have access to the internet or television for that matter I decided to print him off an owners manual for the Bounty Hunter. I wasn’t planning on hunting there this evening with Kolton being at practice. John started asking questions about swing patterns so I had to demonstrate. During the 15 minute exercise I dug a couple memorials and a 1944 mercury dime. Johns face lit up when he saw the shiny stuff come from 4″ down. I have a soft spot in my heart for elders and he is no exception. Every time we part ways he says “God be with you and your family”. Now I don’t think he is a saint or anything but it is nice to hear these words.

Happy Hunting!




One thought on “Duo

  1. My parting words would have been: “Hey! that’s my Mercury dime!” Just kidding. Congrats man. Now you must seek to break your two-silver-day record. My Best stands at 4 silvers dug in one day (5 actually but the 5th silver came out of the change machine at work)

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