Hello from the wheat state!

Well I have been on a few hunts lately. The silver coins haven’t been making their way into my finds pouch. I have had a mixed strategy for my recent hunts. The results have been several wheat pennies. I love wheat pennies and believe silver coins and wheat pennies go hand in hand!


This is the term I use for going random places. Specifically older parts of town hunting curb strips. These are generally very trashy so I am being selective about my digs. So far I have found two silvers this way. Lately just wheats though.

Research and permission hunting-

This is my new favorite kind of hunting. Asking home/business owners for permission. I have learned that these areas aren’t as trashy and still hold some goods. My newest venture is a turn of the century church that Has produced 4 coins. 3 wheat pennies and 1 memorial. Two of the wheat pennies were from 1920 and the other was a 1949. There should be silver there. Iron deposited evenly throughout makes target separation tricky! I’m wondering if higher end detectors with adjustable iron masking helps?

Happy hunting and thanks for reading!

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