Mixed signals and mixed emotions

It was an absolutely gorgeous evening to get out and metal detect. The location of choice was a turn of the century church. This location is where I have dug several old wheat pennies. I was only able to spend about 40 minutes there today. This is probably the most iron infested site I have ever hunted. It seems as though every swing is a solid iron signal. This has worked on my patience while detecting. Low and slow, very slow is the only way to get any target separation. My first good signal was a 1920 mercury dime. This beautiful coin shows the signs of the iron infestation. The next keeper was a 1914 wheatie. I was stoked because I know the early wheats can have some value. When I got home I looked up the value of a 1914 wheat. I was ecstatic to see the value of a 1914 D and dashed back to my coin to check the mint mark. While observing the D mint mark with my loupe I was excited until I looked closer. It is a 1934… Deflated but not defeated!

Happy hunting and thanks for reading!





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