Best day yet

Well today I observed a motorcycle safety class as part of my Ridercoach duties at Motorcycle Training Specialists until right around noon. At about 5:00 I got out for some swing time with the Ace. I tried a new spot that I recently got permission for. I dug a ton of trash and one very cool bracelet/anklet. The pendant is marked .925! I then went driving around rural Butler county and found a homestead that looked original and true to the tun of the century. There happened to be a gentleman cleaning out his bass boat so I asked if he would mind me detecting. He granted me permission and I got to swinging! This place has a huge yard, tons of outbuildings, and trees that are well over 100 years old. I know this because once the homeowner finished tidying up his boat he joined me on the hunt and told the farm has been in the family for the last 80 years or so. The property is very cool and includes a wooden boxcar from a set of tracks that used to neighbor his property. I only hunted for about an hour and pulled a 43 merc, a 40 merc, and a 1920 wheat penny. The homeowner mentioned that he had seen people detecting before but never really knew how it worked. He seemed quite impressed with how well I dug my plugs and left the area clean. I took that as a huge compliment because that is something I strive to improve. He didn’t seem impressed that the Ace doesn’t tell you “exactly” what it is your digging. I told him that if there was such a detector it would take the fun out of the hobby! He saw me dig enough trash that I wonder if he would get into the hobby. All in all he was a very neat guy and it was a pleasure listening to his stories of the property! He invited me back anytime as long as I call first! Now I need to figure out where the indians, barbers, and seated coins are. I’m pretty certain they are in the Aces capabilities but would like to confirm it!

Happy Hunting!



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