Sprechen Sie Deutsch.. A german revival

I haven’t gotten out to detect for the last couple days so I turned my attention elsewhere. A few nights ago I hunted a private residence for about 20 minutes. I dug a pretty cool relic, here is the story. I had a very strong mixed signal at 8 inches. I dug my first plug and didnt get a chirp out of the pinpointer. I carefully worked my way deeper with my Lesche. I finally started to get some feedback from the propointer. In the bottom of the hole was my first ever dug knife. Upon inspection it looked pretty poor so I through it in my pocket and headed home. Once I got into the light I could tell it had some German writing on it. I also found markings on the blade. After a rinse I could make out the markings. One blade carries a K55 followed by a backwards K. The other blades say Rostfrei. An evening of google searches led me to believe that this knife was produced by Kaufmann and Sons in Germany who produced knives between 1865 and the mid 1990’s. A little more digging and I found a couple exact matches that were dated mid 1900’s. I was telling a co-worker about this knife that was in horrible shape but kind of cool. It automatically sparked his interest. I plan on gifting this to him so he can enjoy it. After a bath, rust remover, WD-40, and a sharpening this knife is ready for duty. Speaking of duty I can only guess that this knife came home with one of our many servicemen that served in World War 2. I would like to say thank you to all of our military for keeping us free! Below are the before and after photos of the revived knife.


Happy Hunting and thanks for looking!







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