A man’s gotta do what he should do!

I want to reflect with everyone what has been on my mind lately.

I have only been able to metal detect minimally over the last couple of weeks. Sometimes during this period I have felt like throwing all of my responsibilities out the window and going to do whatever I want. These thoughts quickly get sidelined by everything going on in life. I have to keep my priorities straight as a husband, father, employee, and master of our families two dogs. I have talked to other guys in the past that have the same feelings. If you spend all your time doing only what you want you may end up with no responsibilities and be able to do what you want all the time. This does not seem like a good position to be in after all. My weekend seems to be packed with everything except metal detecting and I’m ok with it. All of this being said, I did manage to find a keeper tonight. My wife and I were at a local antique store and I got a good deal on an 1899 V nickel.

Happy hunting when you get the opportunity and hopefully you can be content in life no matter what it brings!

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