Back in the swing of things

I have finally had a little time to get out and detect. Sunday afternoon I made a trip to an old school with PulltabMiner and Patton. Patton had gotten a Garrettand he was anxious to hunt with it. I was eyeballing his new detector when I noticed he had put his DD coil cover on backwards. After a few short laughs we got to hunting. I found a wheatie from 41, a very small silver ring, and a bunch of trash. I thought I had found my first Indian but it ended up being a deep toasted memorial. Miner showed Patton and I up by finding a merc, indian, and a very cool token.

Today I went out on my lunch break and only found one coin but it was a silver one. I was hunting an empty lot where a house was recently demoed. This is also a popular area for the homeless in town. Mid hunt one approached me asking for change. I was 100% honest with him when I told him I hadn’t found any. I don’t think he understood the humor of this in his intoxicated state. Anyways he bumbled down the old cracked sidewalk the best he could. It felt good to start the silver coin rebuilding process.

Until next time keep the coil to the ground!




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