Squeeeze and Eaaazeee

Well this evening I managed a short 30 minute metal detecting trip. I hunted a private residence in my hometown. I was kind of giving up on finding silver at this property until I got a good copper signal at 4-5 inches deep. The Ace pegged it and a 1922 wheat penny was begging for rescue.

After all the Ukena boys had retired to bed I tackled my motorcycle maintenance. The story starts on Sunday October 7th. I was practicing with a few other MSF ridercoaches when all of a sudden my friction zone was gone. I had frayed some of my cable off. After some quick adjustment I was limping along. My clutch was working more like an off/on switch than the nice smooth control it typically is. I made it home alright. Knowing my scooter needed an oil change as well I decided to hit the bike shop on Tuesday to buy my oil, filter, and clutch cable. I placed the order and the wait was on. The next 7 days were grueling. I have never let the Yamaha sit that long. I was stuck driving the big frumpy Yukon or stylish technologically advanced Sienna. I missed two wheels badly. Well they finally called today saying the cable was in. It only took me about an hour to get both items taken care of. I then went for a nice leisurely cruise around Rose Hill. Ahhhh, how I missed quick acceleration, great braking, great cornering, and the rumbling exhaust. I have said it many times but truly feel that two wheels is the way God intended man to travel. A bike speaks to your soul. I have heard that some finer vehicles that perform amazingly do the same. I don’t own one of those and I can say without a doubt that the Yukon or Sienna will not whisper sweet nothings to you the way a Yamaha will.

Til next time:
Keep the rubber to the ground, the coil to the ground and remember lerts live longer so be alert!




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