Thats a first

Well today over my lunch break I went detecting. I rode the bike a couple blocks from work where I had spotted what I thought to be a good hunting spot. I started detecting and noticed immediately that the Ace was fairly quiet in all metal mode. This was due to the lack of trash. I was running all metal and full sensitivity. I started out by digging a few clad coins and a few kitchen measuring spoons. The Ace said the next target was 6″ deep. It just sounded great. I was thinking Indian Head. What I found was a Missouri State sales tax token at 5″ deep. This is the first tax token I have dug. If you follow my blog you know that I have dug a couple transportation tokens. I had been wondering why I hadn’t found one of these tax tokens. I have also been wondering why I haven’t dug an Indian head. Maybe that means it is coming!! Anyways the tax token is in pretty bad shape so I used the old trick of rubbing lead on a sheet of paper to show all the words and picture.

Happy Hunting and thanks for reading!



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