Bags are packed and I’m ready

I am ready for my weekend metal detecting trip. After talking to my wife I realized that the last guys weekend I had was back in 2008.. It was a great weekend at the Lucas Oil Chili Bowl. If you have never seen or heard of it you are missing out. Anytime you have a 1,000 pound car with over 400 horsepower racing on a dirt track it is fantastic. Previous to that trip my trips consisted of bass fishing trips back in 2005.

Not only am I excited for a full weekend of metal detecting but I am also ready for some time with friends. I am hopeful that we have some good finds. I would really like to make some first coin finds. With the age of the places we are hunting I can assume the ground holds indian heads, buffalos, seated coins, and barber coins. I may be a whooped, worn out, dragging butt guy come Sunday afternoon but I am stoked for the trip!

Quick list of equipment packed

Garrett Ace with extra coil
Garrett propointer
Extra digger
Extra batteries
Water for hydration
Water for cleaning finds
Headlamp in cases it gets dark and we are not done hunting.
Extra shoes

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