Noreaster day 1

Well today started the weekend of metal detecting Northeast Kansas. The day started at 4:18 am. I met up with Patton from the friendly metal detecting forum. We headed 190 miles northeast. As we were reaching our destination which was a public park we noticed the temperature drop to 34 degrees. I was wearing shorts, a t-shirt, and a hoodie. It was chilly for the first 30 minutes. We started hunting and within 30 minutes I had my first silver ring. About 30 minutes later I had my next good find, a first for me. A 1902 indian head. I couldn’t believe how green it was. The hunting then got pretty slow. I hunted for about an hour without any notable finds. Then I hit the silver ring with the green stone. This ring is extremely small more like a babies ring. I then dug a wheat penny. We continued to hunt for another hour or so without anything. We then decided to hit an old school/playground . I dug one wheat and another indian head. This one was a 1901. It was in better shape than the 1902 and you can read the full liberty on the headdress. The third property was a special place. We hunted the farm that my wife’s family has owned for over a century. I wasn’t looking for coins specifically at this location. I was digging everything in hopes of finding some neat stuff for the family. We achieved our goal and found many neat things. Our last hunting spot for the day was an old school where I pulled my third sterling ring for the day. We were both exhausted, whooped, and a little disappointed that the silver coins eluded us. Nothing that food, a hot shower, and a soft bed can’t cure. We will be back at it tomorrow before heading back towards Wichita. Hopefully the precious coins will show themselves tomorrow!

Happy Hunting!







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