The mental game

I got out detecting for a couple hours this afternoon. I hunted a schoolyard in a small neighboring town. In 2 hours I had dug 39 coins. Out of the 39 I had two wheat pennies. A 1920 and a 1936.
I will definitely hit this spot again. I dug many coins that dated in the 1960’s. this tells me that there should be older coins as well. It is a large area that would take forever to grid and hunt properly. I think I will hit it again once we get some rain.

Later this evening my wife wanted me to run an errand in a town 7 miles away. I decided to take the Ace with me. I ended up stopping at another old school yard that I have found silver and wheats at. Tonight I only found two memorial pennies. Why? My mind wasn’t in the game. Just like anything in life if you want to do it right you have to be in the right mind. I find myself in this position more often than I should. I have also seen others hunt when their mind wasn’t in it. The metal detecting doesn’t require a ton of physical energy, but it does require a huge amount of mental concentration. The first sign of my mind not being in the hunt is when I notice that I’m not fully hearing my machine. It almost feels like I ignore what it is telling me. Anyways I just wanted to remind everyone how easily it is to detect without really being involved!

Happy hunting and stay focused while you are out swinging!

One thought on “The mental game

  1. Yes, concentration is the key. The difference in the number of finds is surprising, depending on your frame of mind…..I experience this too. SN.

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