Awwww. Hello weekend!

Well I am glad to see the weekend! I have been extremely busy at work and I have had little time to relax. My lovely bride and our foreign exchange student left for the annual Kansas City shopping trip tonight. This leaves the three Ukena boys and I alone for the weekend. We have plans to get outdoors and have some fun! First thing in the morning will be a pancake feed to support the American Legion Riders and the Patriot guard. The pancake feed will be held in Mulvane which is where the Patriot guard started. You can see more info here!

I’m sure that geocaching and metal detecting will take place afterwards.

My finds for the week have been slim. I did manage to hunt over a couple of lunch breaks. My only notable find came as PulltabMiner blessed me with his presence at Linwood park. This is the park in Wichita that Redd (youtube user Reddcent59) has dug seated coins out of. My find wasn’t that big but I still loved it. Treasure came in the form of a 1918 wheat penny. I still love digging them. Mine unfortunately did not have a mint mark.

Happy hunting and thanks for reading!


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