Winner winner wheatie contest

Last night I went through my wheat penny collection. To date I have collected 55 wheat pennies. Some of them are still at work, but I had 52 of them here. I find it odd that out of the 52 I have 8 of one year and mint mark. I have decided to have a contest and giveaway a few wheat pennies. Here is how it will work!

In the photo I have the pennies sorted by year and mint mark.

Years/mint marks go left and right while duplicates go up and down. In the middle of the picture you can see a line of 8 pennies that are dupes.

All you have to do is guess the year and mint mark of the 8 by commenting on the blog. Winner will receive 6 of my duplicate wheats. If the winner needs a certain year/mint mark to help out their collection book I will try to fill it.

Just a fun little guessing game!

Happy Hunting!



8 thoughts on “Winner winner wheatie contest

  1. Id say they are 1942-Ps? Thats my best guess at least…lol! Hope im leaving this comment in the right spot…lol!!!

    1. Selfan from the Friendly Metal Detecting Forum gave the correct answer this morning!

      11-04-12, 03:26 AM. selfan70
      Junior Member

      Join Date: Dec 2011
      Location: Warren,Ohio
      Posts: 91

      44 d
      Bounty Hunter Gold Digger,Fisher F2 MD’S.HF pinpointer clad Y2D 14.59 ! two silver dimes! 38 wheaties.

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