High tech part 3: the first hunt

Well today I made another trek to Radio Shack to exchange my mono cable for a stereo cable. After spending the day with family I got out to actually use the new headphones from GetDiggin. It was about 6:00 before I got out, dark, and a calm 34 degrees. It took me a few minutes to get the volume set where I wanted. The Ace can definitely overload the transmitter without the inline volume control. I tested this theory by plugging the transmitter directly to the control box. I quickly learned that All I had to do was crack the volume control open and then I could use the volume control on the headphones. The signals sounded different than with my 1970’s realistic stereo phones. They sounded the same as the Bounty Hunter headphones that I have used in the past. The sounds were crisp with no lag. I also noticed that they are extremely comfortable to wear. I liked that I could adjust the headphones to only cover one ear. This is nice while night hunting for safety! All in all I am very impressed with the product. And I agree with Pulltab Miner that it’s nice not being tethered to your detector… The short 30 minute hunt yielded $.51, a bottle cap, and two pulltabs.

Loving the wireless detecting!


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