Best served chilled

I got out tonight for a short hunt in the cool evening air. I returned to the location I wrote about in my post Grrr! This location continues giving many old relics and home related products. I cannot seem to find any coins though. This location became the middle of Rose Hill when they moved the town in the 1890’s. I am certain they are there but I think they are masked by many other random metallic items. Tonights finds solidify my thoughts. I found a brass tag from a Simmons I.C. Refrigerator. I am not certain of the age but I am thinking that it is from the late 1800’s. I cannot find a vintage icebox with this exact tag. It seems like the WhiteClad by Simmons was popular in the early 1900’s. the Simmons history is quite deep due to E.C. Simmon and August Shapleigh partnered to create the KeenKutter brand. I also found pieces of an old capgun and an old piece of tack. As a side note my headphones didn’t get tugged off my head once while digging a target. I love not being attached to the detector. The GetDiggin headphones are performing great!





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