Silver Anniversary? Not quite

Well today is a special day for me. I have had the pleasure of being married to my wife for 12 years today. Through the good times and hard times I’m glad to say that she has been by my side. Throughout the day we have reminisced about memories and how far our family has come. She is a saint to put up with me! This afternoon I got out to metal detect for about two hours. I returned to an older home in town that I have detected a couple of times. The yard is very trashy and the only thing of note I had found was the knife I found in Sprecehen Sie Deutsch. Todays hunt started out kind of slow. I dug quite a few old pieces of old iron that were deep. I then moved to the front yard. I have hunted the front yard a couple of times. It is a small front yard so I hunted it going the opposite direction than I have in the past. My efforts were quickly rewarded when I dug a 1912D Barber dime. The Garrett gave me a nice clean signal on this coin at 6″ or just slightly over it. This is my first Barber dime. I moved on and within 10 or fifteen feet I dug another good signal at 4″. I was presented with a 1945S Liberty dime. You can watch the video I filmed here. These were the only two coins that I dug today but I’m ok with that! Once I got home I cleaned up my silvers and found that the Barber had been holed. I think that it was holed fairly early on judging by the depth of the coin. I also wanted to report about the wireless headphones from Getdiggin. I have hunted with them probably 10 times and still find them very user friendly, good sound, no lag, and very comfortable! All in all I have felt pretty blessed all day!

Happy hunting





2 thoughts on “Silver Anniversary? Not quite

  1. we have 3 Ace 250s for just over a year, and we are starting to scratch our heads about depth. seems like a majority of our finds our 3″ or less. Then I read your post about 4″-6″ and wonder if there is something else we can be doing to get a little more depth. Do you use the stock coil or have you made the upgrade to DD. Drives me nuts these guys with multiple detectors and/or upgrades, but can understand why.

    1. Jeff, i am running the DD coil but also got good depth out of the stock coil. I am wandering how you have your machine set-up. Here are the 3 settings I use. Keep in mind the more you discriminate the less depth you have.

      All metal- this setting gets the best depth. Being in this mode in a real trashy place will drive you crazy but you can still pick good signals out of all the beeps.

      Custom- I dismiss the two segments from the left. All other metals I keep open. In a real iron infested site this will help with some of the audible confusion. I hunt in this mode 85% of the time

      Coin mode- in the trashiest of places I will hunt in coin mode. If I hear a scratchy good signal I will switch to all metal to get more depth and try to lock on the good signal.

      Sensitivity- I run this as high as possible (usually max or one bar below)

      Speed- this took me the longest to figure out. Targets sound differently at different speeds. The Ace isn’t a fast machine. I find myself hunting slower and listening for deeper targets. If you have a good target in between to pieces of iron you wont hear it swinging quickly.

      Hope all of this helps! Also I would encourage you to wear headphones if you dont already.

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