Thanksgiving 2012 was a great one. We started the morning by filling the house with the smells of homemade bread, pumpkin pie, and cookies. There was a certain excitement in the house as we had to make a last minute dash to the grocery store. This was our exchange students first Thanksgiving. I will never forget the look on her face as she took her first couple bites of pumpkin pie. She loved it and had an almost constant smile on her face! Once the meal had finished up my cousin from North Carolina wanted to check out the metal detector. I was more than happy to pull it out of the van and get to swinging. The very first target produced a silver ring. We continued to cover my Uncles yard and hit a few memorials and a dime. Very shortly after we started we had every kid following us around wondering what treasure we had found! It is fun to see the excitement this hobby can bring out of kids. The hunt ended with 2 silver rings, a 1955D wheat penny, a few memorials and one dime. Both the rings came from Bell Trading Company. I found examples of both rings while searching Google images. We then head to our second Thanksgiving meal. It was a fun time of hanging out and relaxing. The meal was great and a couple of adult beverages made for the perfect night cap. At the end of the day I was thinking about what a great day it was. Friends, Family, Food, and Metal Detecting.. Perfect!






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