Firsts, friends, and district 31

Today, I met up with a friend for a hunt. It was a first for both of us. While doing some research I learned about a schoolhouse from 1874. After looking into it I learned that the location was currently an empty field. I decided to start our hunt there. 2 hours later we had dug a couple pieces of iron.. Not what I was hoping! I was hoping for seated coins and Barbers. We decided to switch locations and went to a park that has produced silver in the past. My friend found his first dug coins and something tells me he is hooked! I managed to find a couple keepers. I found a 1939 wheat and a 1963 D Roosevelt dime.

When I got home I did some more research on that old school, the school was built in 1874 at the original location (1/2 section of land). I couldn’t find any definitive location within the half section of land. They moved the school house in 1880 to a smaller parcel of land and it remained there until 1923 when the school moved yet again. The plot maps clearly show the school house in 1880 and 1905. I hope to attain permission for this location as it is now private property. Maybe I can talk the Queen into stopping by there on our way home from church tomorrow! I have to believe that the schoolyard of 33 years holds some goodies. To Be Continued…

Happy Hunting and thanks for reading!





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