District 31 cont…

Today started day two for the old school. I drove by the site and was quite blown away. The home sits on what I would guess to be three acres or so. It is a very nice home and the lawn was perfectly manicured. It reminded me of a golf course with ponds, fountains, and a gazebo. I pulled into the drive and asked the homeowner if he knew about the school being there 100+ years before. He didn’t and granted us permission to hunt it. He was a super nice homeowner that understood what I was after. I know that the school was on the Northwest corner of the lot. But where was the corner? Kolton and I quickly realized that there were two tree rows about 25 feet apart running on the North end of the lot. We figured this is where the road ran previously. We decided to hunt on the south side of the tree rows. I figured that this is where the school was. My thoughts were quickly confirmed by digging old building bits. The ground was very nice to dig in. It was clay but soft due to the irrigation system. One thing that I quickly noticed was the fact that the North end of the lot had been heavily modified. Hills 6 feet tall or so had been added and ponds had been dug. We hunted for 3 hours and only dug one coin. I tried to hunt all the flat areas first and this is where I dug all my targets. Once I moved onto the hills and pond area all signals were gone. All I can hope is that the older generation of detectorists had hit this site and recovered some coins because I don’t think they are reachable now. I must say that I was a little disappointed with the overall hunt. The finds were nearly non existent but it was still being outside with my son trying to figure out the site. Please remember that when you are hunting someones pride and joy to leave no trace.


The only coin of the day a 1936 D wheat cent!

Happy Hunting and thanks for reading!


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