Saturdays hunt for district 31… The untold story

You may have noticed my references to District 31. This was the school district number of the old school I have been researching. The schools name was The Brown School. I realized that in my previous two posts considering the Brown School that I had forgotten to share somethings. The way I started researching this school was quite unusual for me. I was searching for school yards to hunt in a few neighboring towns. I stumbled upon a school that refered to it’s roots in 1874. I had to know more! In the article it mentioned the land owners that owned the property back then. One of my favorite resources are old plat maps. The map found here from 1882 clearly shows a school on Mr. Means land (section 25). That is where the Brown School stood for 30 years starting in 1880. The second thing I didn’t mention were my non-metallic finds while looking for the location of the Brown School prior to moving onto Mr. Means land. I found several old jars that I have dated to 1933-1950 based on the Ball markings on two of them. The third bottle is an old St. Pierre Smirnoff bottle. I am thinking pre 1950 on it as well!

Happy Hunting!20121127-201653.jpg20121127-201706.jpg






One thought on “Saturdays hunt for district 31… The untold story

  1. Cool finds. One thing though, the vodka bottle has the volume marked in milliliters. Either the bottle came from overseas, where the metric system was under use for ever, or the bottle stems from no earlier than the late 70’s, when we started putting metric measurements in some of our products here in the U.S.

    I could be wrong about this though…

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