Lunch time hunts!

The last few days I have been metal detecting at lunch. I like doing this because it is the best part of the day to get out and swing. The weather is warm and the sun is up. I can’t say the same for when I get out of work. I have been hunting different curb strips, empty lots, and an abandoned baseball field.

Hunt1- this was a solo hunt close to work that only produced a small knife from Pakistan. The knife has a very heavy metal sheath and a very heavy handle.


Hunt 2- I met up with PullTabMiner and we hunted a lot that has been empty since the 1930’s. we both dug a bunch of clad and my good finds were a newer token, a silver ring, and one wheat penny from 1946. The ring seems to have some age to it but the makers mark is so worn that I haven’t been able to ID it. Miner and I agreed that this place needs to be gridded and hunted properly. It is sure to hold silver!


Hunt 3- Yesterday I met up with a couple other Ace 250 users and a member from the Friendly Forum. We hunted an abandoned ball field that appears to be a modern drinking spot! One of the guys dug a very cool Chicago Auto Club relic. I managed $.27 in clad.

Overall I have enjoyed lunch hunts and the company involved. It is always nice to discuss metal detecting theory and experiences!


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