Today was a day of metal detecting that was different than most. It is common on the weekends for several Wichita detectorists to meet up and hunt for a few hours. My day didn’t resemble that at all! Here is a breakdown of my hunts.

1:00- 2:15 pm, I hunted the front yard of a home from the 1870’s. Bryson and I dug about 15 coins including 3 wheats, 1966 quarter, and a 1965 dime.

5:15-6:15 pm, I returned back to the 1870’s home but only dug a few memorial cents. The homeowner asked that I only detect during daylight so I had to shut it down early there.

8-11:30 pm, I decided to hunt some curb strips and church yards in the oldest part of Rose Hill. By this time I am itching to dig silver. I ended up digging 40+ coins and the other stuff pictured below. Not one silver coin? I have to wonder why… Are they not there because someone else cherry picked them? Are they too deep for the Ace? (I doubt it), are they there and just masked by iron? I would guess that they are there and hiding underneath some iron or other trash.

The good thing is that I can hunt these properties pretty much anytime. I think I wiil wait until we get some rain!

Happy hunting and keep swinging!



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