Let me see that Tootsie Toy

Well, tonight I am writing about one of my favorite digs, Tootsie Toys! I have totally fallen for these relics of the past. It amazes me that I have found as many of them as I have. Every time I dig one my mind goes back to why it got left outside. Did they leak oil on the carpet? Maybe the kid who was playing with it got called in for dinner thinking he would be back afterwards. My guess is Mom or Dad ruined that plan by saying baths and bed. I would love to see others Tootsie Toys!

I managed to get out and hunt this morning before work. My short hunt produced a 1907 Indian Head and a 1916 wheat penny in the same hole! The picture of the Indian shows discoloration where the wheat was stuck to it! I knew they were old when I saw the fine green patina!

Happy Hunting and thanks for reading *\_




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