12-15-12.. Fakes and not so fakes

Today I got out to hunt with a buddy of mine who is just getting into the hobby. We started out at an old church that yielded nothing but clad and an old pin that is a two piece pin with the clasp still intact. We then moved to a school yard that has produced wheats and silver in the past. I dug a 1956 Roosevelt dime and a bunch of clad. It was exciting because my fellow mder dug his first wheat cent while hunting here. We finished our hunt in a private yard that produced two different tax tokens for me. One from Oklahoma and the other is another Kansas token. When we were leaving he showed me a coin his Grandfather had gave him. To my surprise I was looking at a Morgan Dollar. I had never actually felt the weight of a silver $1 coin. We discussed how sweet it would be to dig one!

Later in the evening I decided to hunt a residence here in town. I had dug some clad when I got a really good coin signal 4" down. It rang up on the Ace as a $1 coin. Given the location it wouldn't be out of the question to dig a big half or dollar coin! I about had a freak out moment when I saw it in the dark. I quickly ran back to the van to see a commemorative token from 1964. I continued to hunt and dug a 1946 wheat, another Tootsie Toy, and a fake ring!
Happy hunting and thanks for reading *\_








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