Sunday equals cool digs

Where to start… I guess at about 8:30 this morning! Kolton and I went to the site I started at late last night. I detected in the opposite direction that I did last night. I focused on a small (30 x 30) area of the large lot. We hunted for about an hour and a half and the hunt yielded three wheats and a blue Tootsie Toy roadster. I was only digging the best sounding high tones. When I got home I was inspecting the wheat cents and couldn’t quite make out the date on one of them. It was either a 1914 or 1916.. Queen Ukena and I agreed that I should clean it to a point that I could see it. I got the mintmark identified before the year and it was a D. We were both hoping for a 1914D.. I continued cleaning and it ended up being a 1916D… Deflate! You can check wheat penny values here.

Later in the day the youngest Ukena boy went down for his nap. The oldest Ukena boys were just lounging around our hacienda. I decided to hit this site again because I knew it held silver.i even mentioned this to Patton from the forum. I again focused my attention on the same section of ground. I was digging tones that were not perfect and clear. I dug alot more trash but I also dug deeper coins. Then I got a clean, pure, belltone out of the Ace 250. The signal was reading penny/dime at 8+ inches and then it settled at 6″. I want to make a side note here. I had dug probably 20 coins out of this area already and the deepest one was 5″. Anyways I cut my plug and pull out a 1919 liberty dime! I love these coins! No matter how many of them I dig I love seeing lady liberty on the face of them. The third pass over this section yielded 1 silver, 3 more wheats, 2 old nickels, and a half of a tootsie toy. The picture with the finds on a paper towel are from the third trip only.

For those of you that read PulltabMiners blog you know that he has been writing quite a bit about the chances of a site being hunted out. I have to say that I am starting to agree with him. All in all I have dug 50-60 coins out of this small 30 x 30 area. On the second and third trips I was digging coins 5-6 inches from other targets I dug in previous trips. Do I dare say that the more you hunt a place, the more it reveals?

Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading!

Steve *\_






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