A nice silver surprise

Well this afternoon I received a message from local metal detectorist and forum member JKP. He asked if I could swing by on my way home from work and I agreed. We decided to hunt for a short bit. With Pulltab Miner having a good day I was pumped to find some goodies! JKP had already found silver at this location so I couldn’t resist a quick swing. Well 3-4 wheaties later I was salivating for silver. JKP and I were discussing detectors as he is wanting to upgrade from the Ace 250 to the ATPro. I professed my love for the Ace 250 and the conversation ended. The very next target showed all signs of silver and I told JKP that if it wasn’t silver I would put the 250 on the market! Guess what.. I get to keep the Ace in my possession because a nice looking 58 rosie was staring at me through the soil! About 10 minutes later Queen Ukena called inquiring about my ETA at home. I told her a few more minutes. I told JKP that I had to hit one more good target. I found my signal quickly and dug a 1907 Barber dime. This coin looks rough. The face is scratched (not by me) and there are no reeds on the edge of the coin. The finals for the evening 7 wheats, 2 silvers, 3 memorials, and 1 clad quarter. Earlier in the day PullTabMiner was saying that he thought 2013 would be good for us. I hope he is right because I like the way we are putting 2012 to bed!

Happy Hunting and Thanks for reading!
Steveouke *\_







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