Please be seated.. Class is now in session

Well this morning three of us headed out in the cold to the field that produced my 1883 Indian Head in Brutality of Butler County. Today the only thing brutal was the weather. It was 9 degrees when we hit the ground swinging. This site was a church from the late 1880’s until 1923. We had probably been swinging for an hour and had only found trash. All of a sudden I hear the rookie of the bunch hollar at me that he had something and gave me a thumbs up. Once I got closer he said it was an old coin but he wasn’t sure what it was. I looked at it and could tell it was an indian head. I couldn’t see the date but it ended up being a beautiful 1888.


After awhile we were all three kind of spread out over a 10 acre section. The rookie again hollered that he had something good. PullTab Miner and I hustled over and I saw the silver reeded edge in a frozen clod. I think we were almost as excited as he was to get a good look at the coin. All morning we were hoping for a seated. The backside of the coin showed a wreath and I was certain it was a seated because the wreath looked different to me than a Barber. After some investigation we realized it was a Barber. It was definitely unlike the Barbers I have found though, it was near perfect. This is the nicest Barber I have ever seen come out of the ground. “The Rookie” has only been swinging his ATPro for a week! Welcome to the Garrett Family.. He took us to school today and I couldn’t be happier for him. Later in the day I received a message that he had found yet another silver and a possible gold ring from another location. I will definitely be out tomorrow at a site that dates back to the 1870’s in hopes of finding a couple more silvers before years end!




Happy Hunting and thanks for reading!
Steveouke *\_


3 thoughts on “Please be seated.. Class is now in session

  1. Wow! I dont think I have ever seen a Barber in that good of condition.
    I think I saw you guys out swinging off of Rose Hill Road, yesterday morning on my way to work for the day. Sure made me drool for the rest of the day! way to go!

  2. Very cool finds and I’ve enjoyed reading your blog. I’m new to the hobby and somewhat to Wichita. Been here 2 years from Florida. I’ve found a bunch of clad and trash among wother trinkets, but can’t wait to find the older stuff. Thanks again for the blog and keep the updates coming.


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