Awww, crisp and refreshing..

Well this evening I got out and detected for about two hours. The site I was hunting dates back to the mid 50’s. I wasn’t expecting barbers or seated coins.. My thinking was right. I found silver #6 in a 1941 Washington and 5 wheats. Happy hunting and thanks for reading!


Folded #5

Well today in between a home fencing project and one of the Ukena boys having a basketball game I got in a short hunt. One of my detecting buddies from a neighboring town and I made plans to meet at the ol wheat field that keeps on giving. We have dug 3 coins from this field that are pre 1900. I got to the site at about 12:00 and got to swinging the first target I decided to dig was a small folded disc that resembled lead slag at first. The more I looked at it the more I thought it resembled a coin. It was about the thickness of a dime and looked like a folded disc. I came to the conclusion that it was a coin but there was nothing identifying it as so. We continued to hunt and my buddy dug an old copper out of the field that we couldn’t identify. I believe it is probably an old indian head based on the history of digging an 1883 and 1888 indian out of this field. Anyways when I got home I gently stuck a then metal blade into my taco’ed shiny disc. After gently prying it back I saw the lettering States. This confirmed that it was a coin and I couldn’t resist the temptation to see if it was my first seated coin or not. I finally got it opened up and could see that it was a Barber dime. When I look at it under my loupe I can see the numbers 189.. It is an 1890 something Barber. I don’t think I have to worry about sending this one in to get graded! This is my 5th silver for the year and I am still running a little behind on my 100 silver coin goal for this year.

Folded Barber

Barber Opened up

The first Poll and Metal detecting in the Wichita Area.

Ever since I started into this hobby I have wondered about Metal detecting clubs in the area. It is my understanding that there is a club that meets in Wichita. I believe this club meets on Wednesday mornings while most of us are working. I have thought that it would be fun for us all to get together from time to time. I was kind of thinking about a monthly evening meeting where everyone could get together and have snacks and talk about detecting. I have always checked my blog statistics and lately I have noticed some Search Engine clicks for Metal detecting clubs in Wichita. Let me know your thoughts.

To do, To do..

Well tonight I was  thinking about going out night hunting. And then I realized that it was already 9:00 and staying in sounded good. I sat down at the computer and started listening to last nights American Digger Relic Roundup. I have been listening to this show for the last few weeks and I have been very happy with everything I have heard. The guys are actively working to keep our hobby in tune with the archaeologists. I was listening to some older shows and they were talking about having a mobile app on your smartphone that would allow you to upload historically significant finds to a national database. It seems like this would work well for the detectorists in the world. However, I think they would quickly learn that most guys don’t dig much that is significant to history. I do think this would be extremely helpful to the archaeologists when they are looking for battle sites and other historic sites.

Now I want to talk about something even more controversial… Diggers the TV show.

I have recently watched a few episodes of this show and I have to say “I think they have come along way”. I know that these guys got into trouble at the shows inception. However,  I have been kind of impressed with what I have seen recently (excluding the hooping, hollaring, and special language). There are a few things that caught my attention about this show.

The first is the fact that they are getting permission to hunt sites and hunting them tactfully. They don’t tear things up with bulldozers, excavators, etc.

The second thing is that they show the non “juice” finds from the “nectar fields”. One show I watched they showed many pieces of trash that they had dug.

Third and most importantly they have a historian/archaeologist on site of their hunts. I think this makes a lot of sense considering they are hunting sites that are historically important. I don’t know if the so called historians and archaeologists are legitimate but they seem to be.

I guess in my mind both the radio show and TV show are discussing and doing things that may eventually bring the two groups together. I can honestly say that I haven’t dug anything that I feel to be important to archaeologists. If I do though I think it would be important to let someone know. I’m not talking about finding a small cache of silver coins in someones backyard here. If I was to find a trunk full of paper money, coins, or gold bars that were marked wells fargo from the mid 1800’s I would probably let someone know about it. My reasoning being that it could simply help put the pieces of history together. I know it is rumored that Jesse James left a healthy sum of goods somewhere in Central KS. It would be quite cool to help piece together that time in history.

The quest for 100

Well I want to start out tonight by stating a goal of mine for 2013. My goal is to find 100 silver coins. Some may think I am trying to accomplish this to make money. They would be completely wrong. I made myself a promise that I wouldn’t sell my silver coins for melt but instead hand them down to my sons once they mature enough.
The reason I want to find 100 silver coins is simply to prove that with research, patience, and knowing your detector you don’t have to spend a small fortune on a detector. I have been feeling some peer pressure to upgrade and I have been reading all the success stories on the forums and so forth. I just don’t see me justifying big bucks on a detector. I truly haven’t seen a high end detector that makes me say wow! I have detdcted with guys swinging all levels of machines. They all have their positives and negatives. That being said I will not upgrade until I see the wow factor. The stories below help solidify my thoughts!

Last Friday over my lunch break I was detecting an old elementary school in Wichita. I found a good coin in horrible shape. You can check out the video here. I found a 1908 S Barber dime.


Saturday afternoon I was detecting with a couple of friends at another old elementary school and pulled out a 1926 mercury dime.


These two silver coins make my 2013 count 4. I have a long way to go but I think the little Ace250 and I can do it. As it stands right now I have about $300 in this great hobby and the amazing little Ace has payed for itself and then some! I look forward to seeing how the year ends up!

Thanks for reading and happy hunting ( no matter what kind of detector you use !
Steve *\_

Natural healing= silver and wheats

I want to start this blog post by saying that I have been battling a pretty bad sinus infection for the last week or so. It sucks! The constant head pressure, runny nose sneezing, and a touch of vertigo. The good news is that there is a natural remedy and it involves being in the great outdoors. While metal detecting all signs of sinus issues go away.

On Wednesday nights I play on a pool league that usually gets over at around 11:30. Last night my head hurt so bad that I left as soon as I was done with my portion of the match. As I headed home I decided to stop and detect somewhere. My hunt started at around 10:15 and it was a fantastic 38 degrees outside. The site I had chose were some sports fields that had major renovations going on at an adjoining building. I started the hunt with a couple of modern coins. Then I started finding older stuff. The first neat find was a pendant that is personalized. I will try to track down it’s rightful owner. Then I dug a little (2 gram) silver ring. It is marked and appears to be made by Mcgrath-Hamin jewelry. I moved to a different area and started digging wheat cents. All in all it was a great hunt. I look forward to detecting this site more. So not only is detecting therapeutic for the mind it is also great for sinus infections when it is chilly outside.

As a side note, about 20 minutes after I was done and in warmer temps my sinuses went right back to being clogged like crazy!






Sunday silvers and a bit of trash talk

Today Kolton and I met up with a hunting buddy at around 1:00 pm. We decided to hit a playground that has produced silver in the past. The first thirty minutes produced a chunky silver earring marked mexico 925. I was wanting to scope out another property in the same town. The lot must have been a gravel parking area in years past and digging was essentially not possible. I returned to the schoolyard and managed to find a 1941 mercury dime. This peaked Koltons attention and we continued to hunt a little more and found nothing but clad. The guy I was hunting with found several wheats and a merc as well. I will post pics once I have them.


Kolton and I headed to one of my favorite hang outs Stearman Field. It is a great place to eat and have a drink. Kolton and I enjoyed hot chocolate since the temps never broke above 30.

When we left there we headed back home and I stopped by one of the private residences that has produced for a quick hunt before the sunset. Over the thirty minute hunt I had dug a few coins including a 1964 rosie. I have detected this site a few times and it keeps producing. This solidifies my thought of the more you take out of a place it reveals a new layer. Trash or treasure.

Here is a pic of 5 hours worth of finds. Trash included…



All in all it was a great day hanging out with my son and fellow mder!

Thanks for reading and happy hunting!
Steve *\_

And on the 8th day…

Well on the 8th day of 2013 I am finally on the board with silver. In those 8 days I had detected probably 11-13 hours and only found one decent coin. Lasts nights hunt was two hours long and yielded $.17, the silver ring, and many pieces of pulltab and hot dog foil. I was jewelry hunting!

I also want to mention my buddy PullTabMiners blog post from yesterday. He did a great job of talking trash and how bloggers and forum members omit our trash. I thought I would start including the trash I dig as well as the good stuff. You will quickly see that it is not always treasure in the hole. Over the last year I have filled two 5 gallon buckets full of metal scraps. The good stuff fits easily into two little rubbermaid dishes. Guys who metal detect clean a lot of trash out of the local parks. We don’t do it to get rich. We just enjoy being outside enjoying our hobby. Just like the other hobbies people perform at the parks.







7 days..

Well we are 7 days into it and I have to be honest by saying that I am struggling! I haven’t dug any precious metals.

Saturday morning I met up with a rookie in a neighboring town. We hunted a homestead that dates back to the early 1900’s. I found some cool stuff but not a silver coin to be had. I did manage to find a 1905 Indian head penny. My hunting was interrupted multiple times to take care of other things. I find it hard to focus in these situations. I need to learn the art of keeping my head in the game no matter what the circumstances are.

My next hunting opportunity was Sunday night after dark. I enjoy night hunting but I do wish I had more sites to hunt at night. Most private residences I have permission at asked that I not detect at night. That left me with the local sports fields. I went jewelry hunting! After all was said and done I had collected $.78 in clad, about a dozen pulltabs, and a piece of costume jewelry..

If this is going to be a banner year for me I need to get on the board quickly!


Today I got out metal detecting in the snow for about an hour and a half. I was detecting a residence that I have hit a few times. I have dug some silvers out of this home and several wheat cents. There was one section of the yard that was littered with zinc pennies that I had given up on previously. Out of this 20 x 20 area I have dug probably 30 memorial cents. Today I wanted to continue and get as many of them out as possible. I must have dug another 15 memorials and a bunch of trash. My thought process is to get everything out so that the Garrett can see the next layer of stuff. Nothing exciting yet but I am sure there are more silvers there. I visited this site on sunday and found two new tootsie toys for the fleet.


There are a couple of exciting things to note though.

1- I finally made an electrolysis device for cleaning my finds today. It works like a champ!
2- A lady that spent New Years eve with our family seemed really excited about the metal detecting hobby. Her husband mentioned that she had always wanted to try it. Hopefully this will lead to another friend in the hobby!

Happy Hunting and thanks for reading!
Steveouke *\_