Today I got out metal detecting in the snow for about an hour and a half. I was detecting a residence that I have hit a few times. I have dug some silvers out of this home and several wheat cents. There was one section of the yard that was littered with zinc pennies that I had given up on previously. Out of this 20 x 20 area I have dug probably 30 memorial cents. Today I wanted to continue and get as many of them out as possible. I must have dug another 15 memorials and a bunch of trash. My thought process is to get everything out so that the Garrett can see the next layer of stuff. Nothing exciting yet but I am sure there are more silvers there. I visited this site on sunday and found two new tootsie toys for the fleet.


There are a couple of exciting things to note though.

1- I finally made an electrolysis device for cleaning my finds today. It works like a champ!
2- A lady that spent New Years eve with our family seemed really excited about the metal detecting hobby. Her husband mentioned that she had always wanted to try it. Hopefully this will lead to another friend in the hobby!

Happy Hunting and thanks for reading!
Steveouke *\_


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