And on the 8th day…

Well on the 8th day of 2013 I am finally on the board with silver. In those 8 days I had detected probably 11-13 hours and only found one decent coin. Lasts nights hunt was two hours long and yielded $.17, the silver ring, and many pieces of pulltab and hot dog foil. I was jewelry hunting!

I also want to mention my buddy PullTabMiners blog post from yesterday. He did a great job of talking trash and how bloggers and forum members omit our trash. I thought I would start including the trash I dig as well as the good stuff. You will quickly see that it is not always treasure in the hole. Over the last year I have filled two 5 gallon buckets full of metal scraps. The good stuff fits easily into two little rubbermaid dishes. Guys who metal detect clean a lot of trash out of the local parks. We don’t do it to get rich. We just enjoy being outside enjoying our hobby. Just like the other hobbies people perform at the parks.







3 thoughts on “And on the 8th day…

  1. Metal detecting is an awesome hobby more people should look at getting into. Great site…love seeing freelance bloggers writing about what they love (especially treasure hunting). I would be interested in trading links with you on our site. I work with Treasurebone and Ozark Detectors too. Let me know if you are interested in trying to help spread the word about this awesome sport.

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