Sunday silvers and a bit of trash talk

Today Kolton and I met up with a hunting buddy at around 1:00 pm. We decided to hit a playground that has produced silver in the past. The first thirty minutes produced a chunky silver earring marked mexico 925. I was wanting to scope out another property in the same town. The lot must have been a gravel parking area in years past and digging was essentially not possible. I returned to the schoolyard and managed to find a 1941 mercury dime. This peaked Koltons attention and we continued to hunt a little more and found nothing but clad. The guy I was hunting with found several wheats and a merc as well. I will post pics once I have them.


Kolton and I headed to one of my favorite hang outs Stearman Field. It is a great place to eat and have a drink. Kolton and I enjoyed hot chocolate since the temps never broke above 30.

When we left there we headed back home and I stopped by one of the private residences that has produced for a quick hunt before the sunset. Over the thirty minute hunt I had dug a few coins including a 1964 rosie. I have detected this site a few times and it keeps producing. This solidifies my thought of the more you take out of a place it reveals a new layer. Trash or treasure.

Here is a pic of 5 hours worth of finds. Trash included…



All in all it was a great day hanging out with my son and fellow mder!

Thanks for reading and happy hunting!
Steve *\_

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