Natural healing= silver and wheats

I want to start this blog post by saying that I have been battling a pretty bad sinus infection for the last week or so. It sucks! The constant head pressure, runny nose sneezing, and a touch of vertigo. The good news is that there is a natural remedy and it involves being in the great outdoors. While metal detecting all signs of sinus issues go away.

On Wednesday nights I play on a pool league that usually gets over at around 11:30. Last night my head hurt so bad that I left as soon as I was done with my portion of the match. As I headed home I decided to stop and detect somewhere. My hunt started at around 10:15 and it was a fantastic 38 degrees outside. The site I had chose were some sports fields that had major renovations going on at an adjoining building. I started the hunt with a couple of modern coins. Then I started finding older stuff. The first neat find was a pendant that is personalized. I will try to track down it’s rightful owner. Then I dug a little (2 gram) silver ring. It is marked and appears to be made by Mcgrath-Hamin jewelry. I moved to a different area and started digging wheat cents. All in all it was a great hunt. I look forward to detecting this site more. So not only is detecting therapeutic for the mind it is also great for sinus infections when it is chilly outside.

As a side note, about 20 minutes after I was done and in warmer temps my sinuses went right back to being clogged like crazy!






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