“Rav”enous and “Germy”

Tonight I want to discuss my recent happenings. I haven’t been metal detecting but I have been plenty busy. At the beginning of January I decided to get a new vehicle. I ended up with a Toyota Rav4. I have been quite impressed with it over the last week or so. Last Thursday we had about a foot of snow fall. this would make the commute a little rough, or so I thought. The little Rav handled it amazingly well! Yesterday we got an additional 6″ of snow. Again the Rav handled it without a grunt or groan. Tonight after work I wanted to drive by one of my detecting sites to guess how long it would take before I could get around to detecting it. This took me down several miles of muddy, sloshy, slick roads. The Rav handled the mud better than I expected. It isn’t the biggest or baddest but it handles itself quite well!


Secondly I wanted to share another project that I have going. A couple of years ago my lovely bride and I made a bunch of salsa. It was great and I.. Well lets just say it didn’t last long at all! This year I have decided that we need to go bigger. I started some tomato seeds indoors a couple weeks ago. Over the last few days I have some new growth that will be ready for transplant into the garden in 8 weeks or so. I planted many seeds. Tomatos, jalapenos, and bell peppers that will turn into some great salsa eventually. I probably planted more than I needed but I’m sure I can find people willing to care for them. I look forward to better weather and getting back to metal detecting.


Research and organizing

Well yesterday the central KS area got round 1 of a two part winter storm. My area got 3 inches of snow and they are calling for more overnight. The weather forecasts say we could have 6-9 more inches. This does not make me happy because I can’t get out and swing my gizmo. That being said I want to talk about a couple other topics.

When the weather turns bad, I like to do research. Here is a small list of my downtime items.
1. Reading historical maps- here I am looking for things that I have missed before and new areas. My suggestion is pick a township that neighbors yours.
2. Contact landowners- go ahead and contact owners of properties you have spotted or are the result of item 1.
3. Clean your gear up- check for damage, charge all batteries, or straighten out your bent shovel. That shovel story is for a future post.

Organize-some of my readers may already read Dick Stouts blog. If you haven’t I would highly encourage you to do so. Dick is a long time detectorist who has very strong opinions about having a political activist group for metal detecting. Across the country detectorists are getting banned from parks and other areas. Whether this happens in your area or not, I think it would be a good idea to do something about it. I personally think writing letters to politicians is something anyone could do. Lately TreasureFiend posted a video about such an instance in Chicago. I think everyone should take a moment to watch it here. I agree with Mr. Stouts views on the whole situation. We shouldn’t sit back and watch these actions happen without a fight.

Happy Hunting once all the snow melts!

Clad and tumbling Tuesdays

Tuesday night was fun. I tumbled all of my clad so that I could cash it in. I had used a coinstar machine once before about 6 months ago. The first try was a disaster. I hadn’t cleaned my coins at all. This resulted in two attendants cleaning the machine half way through. Not this time-
I have been looking for a rock tumbler to purchase but I hadn’t found one until yesterday. I spotted a big Folgers coffee bucket at work in the trash. I quickly grabbed it up. When I got home I loaded it up with all my clad which was about half way. I added about a cup of pea gravel, water, and a few drops of dish detergent. I taped the lid on and prepped it for the treadmill. Yeah you heard it right.. I shot a short video of my tumbler in action and you can see it here. I let it run for about 20 minutes and it worked great. I only had about thirty zincolns that wouldn’t be accepted by the coin machine.

Happy hunting and happy tumbling!

Woohoo the drought is over!

Well today over lunch I did something I rarely do. I went metal detecting at a place I knew nothing about. As I approached one of my normal sites I noticed a house that was boarded up with signs saying it was unfit for living. It had a very small lot that hadn’t been mowed for awhile. I decided to detect it. I made one pass over half the yard and didn’t find anything worthy for the blog. I then started on the second half of the yard and coins started showing up. I dug several memorials, a nickel, and a few clad coins. I started gridding the same half of the yard and dug my 8th silver of the year. It was a 1946 Roosevelt dime.


I continued on and got a great coin signal that was deep. It was a 1928 wheat penny without a mint mark. About 10 feet from the wheat I got a strong dime signal and was blessed with my 9th silver of the year. A squeeker in the form of a 1964 dime.


Overall it was a great hunt and I am stoked to continue gridding and cleaning the area up!


Happy hunting and thanks for reading!

Where is the love?

Tonight I want to write about something that has very little to do with metal detecting.. Love! For those of you that know me on a personal level, you know that our family has been battling illness for the last couple of weeks. It started with me having a sinus infection for over a week. Then 3 out of 6 family members had the flu with high fevers. I thought I was home free until Sunday night and the fever hit me. It was off and on for a couple of days. I managed to keep the fever under control. I thought it was looking up until Wednesday around noon. I thought I would go metal detecting at a local park close to work. I detected for about 15-20 minutes and got short of breath so I resided to the truck to rest for the remainder of my lunch break. As the afternoon progressed I kept having to stop and catch my breath. I knew that this was more serious than a flu bug. I called the doctors office and made an appointment for Thursday morning. I hadn’t been to the doctor since 2010. The doctor quickly started looking around. He first checked my ears and asked if I had recently had an ear infection because he could see a ruptured eardrum that was healing up. I know exactly when this happened and it was a few weeks ago. He then looked in my nose and said wow. He had never seen such a blocked sinus cavity. He then listened to my lungs and confirmed what I had thought…Pneumonia! He gave me some powerful medicine that is already helping. I had made plans for my wife and I to enjoy a meal together this evening but we put those plans aside due to us both being less than 100% and one of the Ukena boys also having a fever. During the evening I started thinking about love and how little it has to do with Valentines day. For me being there for my family and vise-versa is what true love is. It has nothing to do with a printed card, pretty flowers, or overpriced chocolates in a heart shaped box. Pay close attention to the important things in life and love will be emitted without thought.

On a metal detecting note; I look forward to getting my family and myself healthy so I can get out and swing my gizmo. Maybe my ear drum will work at a higher level which allows me to hear the Aces soft sweet belltones. Is that silver I smell?

Thanks for reading and happy hunting!

Reading and Researching

Yesterday I spent the day at home with two sick kiddos. This gave me plenty of time to do some research. I listened to a few Relic Roundups and found a new map source.

I listened to one Relic Roundup that really caught my attention. This broadcast they were talking about which machine a person should purchase. They had several guest callers that are well known around the metal detecting hobby. They all kind of agreed that knowing your machine was a huge part of it. I have thought this for awhile. The more I use my Ace 250 the more I learn it. I have known people who upgrade machines after just a couple of months. Do they ever learn their machine? I don’t think so because even after 2-4 upgrades they are not getting the results they want. I would highly encourage you to listen to the program here.

The second portion of my post is about maps. Up until now I have looked at plat maps from the 1880’s and early 1900’s. Yesterday I found a site that can extend my map research back to the 1860’s and 1870’s. The website is www.davidrumsey.com and they have a massive collection of digitized maps. I was kind of taken back when I looked at a map that didn’t show Wichita but had some surrounding cities on it. Some of the oldest parts of Kansas I didn’t think were that old. I am excited to add these to my toolbox of research.

All in all I think that research plays a massive part of treasure hunting. You could almost look at research as the 5 W’s of picking a hunting spot. Who, What, Where, When, and Why. If you find a church on a plat map from 1890 You can answer all 5 W’s which should equate to a good hunt.

How often would you attend

I created this poll as a follow up to my original poll regarding a metal detecting club in Wichita. How often would you want to meet. Feel free to comment on the post if you have any other suggestions.


Just get… Outside

Well today was a great day to be outside. The morning started with a trip to a location that has been nicknamed “Silver City”. This site has been producing silvers fairly consistently. The hunt didn’t let me down today. I dug a 1936 wheat and a 1946 Roosevelt dime.
Today’s Coins

I also found a lipstick case that I believe dates back to the 1940’s. Color included!


Upon arriving back home Queen Ukena was a little upset that the “short hunt” had taken four hours. A conversation took place about the amount of time i have been spending detecting. This got me thinking. I started reflecting on my finds over the last year. For those that have followed my blog over the last year, you know that my good finds didn’t start until about 4 months into detecting. And the last 3-4 months I have been more consistent than all previous months. I think this is due to the quality of sites I have been hunting. I did some rough figures of how much time I have hunted over the last year. I would venture to say I have detected 350-400 hours over the year. That would be about 7 hours a week. I think what this means is that I will have to find and hunt only the most prime sites. I am certain that my little Ace and I can make our goal for the year even if we reduce hours spent and increase the quality of our sites.

Later in the day the two oldest Ukena boys and I went into Derby and played disc golf. This is another activity that we enjoy a couple times a year. We then went looking for Geocache called Arbor Lands geocode GCQARB. This was a fun hunt. We had to cross a mostly dry creek and then try to find the cache. We spent about 40 minutes searching for it but came up
empty handed.

All in all it was a great day to be outside! Now the challenge is to get Queen Ukena outdoors with us!

Thanks for reading and happy hunting!

Steveouke *\_

Swinging in a group!

Well today was a very fun day. I organized a group hunt of the construction site I have hit a couple of times. I personally didn’t find much but still had a blast. Most of the attendees belong to the friendly forum and that trait carried right over to our group hunt. The site offered plenty of room for all 7 or 8 of us without rubbing elbows. The noteable finds of the day went like this.

PulltabMiner– had the first good find with an 1898 Indian Head in good shape.

The General- this guy pulled a big chunky gold ring. It is the biggest I’ve seen come out of the ground.

JP- he found a very chunky silver cross and I believe a 1981 penny that someone had turned into an earring!

JS- found a 1942 mercury dime

I think those were the best finds of the day. More importantly I think everyone had a good time!

Happy hunting and thanks for reading!


Successful metal detecting

A few days ago I had a member of the metal detecting forum send me a message. In this message they asked a simple question. They live in the same area as I do and were wanting help finding silver coins. I typed him a response of what I thought. Today I was going through some archived broadcasts of the American Digger Relic roundup. I found an episode that meshed pretty closely to my advice. I would encourage anyone new to the hobby to listen to it here.

Happy hunting and thanks for reading!