Swinging in a group!

Well today was a very fun day. I organized a group hunt of the construction site I have hit a couple of times. I personally didn’t find much but still had a blast. Most of the attendees belong to the friendly forum and that trait carried right over to our group hunt. The site offered plenty of room for all 7 or 8 of us without rubbing elbows. The noteable finds of the day went like this.

PulltabMiner– had the first good find with an 1898 Indian Head in good shape.

The General- this guy pulled a big chunky gold ring. It is the biggest I’ve seen come out of the ground.

JP- he found a very chunky silver cross and I believe a 1981 penny that someone had turned into an earring!

JS- found a 1942 mercury dime

I think those were the best finds of the day. More importantly I think everyone had a good time!

Happy hunting and thanks for reading!



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