Woohoo the drought is over!

Well today over lunch I did something I rarely do. I went metal detecting at a place I knew nothing about. As I approached one of my normal sites I noticed a house that was boarded up with signs saying it was unfit for living. It had a very small lot that hadn’t been mowed for awhile. I decided to detect it. I made one pass over half the yard and didn’t find anything worthy for the blog. I then started on the second half of the yard and coins started showing up. I dug several memorials, a nickel, and a few clad coins. I started gridding the same half of the yard and dug my 8th silver of the year. It was a 1946 Roosevelt dime.


I continued on and got a great coin signal that was deep. It was a 1928 wheat penny without a mint mark. About 10 feet from the wheat I got a strong dime signal and was blessed with my 9th silver of the year. A squeeker in the form of a 1964 dime.


Overall it was a great hunt and I am stoked to continue gridding and cleaning the area up!


Happy hunting and thanks for reading!


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