Clad and tumbling Tuesdays

Tuesday night was fun. I tumbled all of my clad so that I could cash it in. I had used a coinstar machine once before about 6 months ago. The first try was a disaster. I hadn’t cleaned my coins at all. This resulted in two attendants cleaning the machine half way through. Not this time-
I have been looking for a rock tumbler to purchase but I hadn’t found one until yesterday. I spotted a big Folgers coffee bucket at work in the trash. I quickly grabbed it up. When I got home I loaded it up with all my clad which was about half way. I added about a cup of pea gravel, water, and a few drops of dish detergent. I taped the lid on and prepped it for the treadmill. Yeah you heard it right.. I shot a short video of my tumbler in action and you can see it here. I let it run for about 20 minutes and it worked great. I only had about thirty zincolns that wouldn’t be accepted by the coin machine.

Happy hunting and happy tumbling!


4 thoughts on “Clad and tumbling Tuesdays

    1. Dick, the whole family was very concerned about my Yankee ingenuity. It worked out great though! My wife made me promise two weeks of not detecting if the capsule let loose and made a mess… Wonder if I can get a full weekend of detecting for not havinv such an incident??

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